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No Overcharges. No Contracts.

Great customer service and a comprehensive rental service are what make us different.

Outfit Your Team with NorthStar Uniform Rentals in Sudbury

Your team is made up of pros, so have them proudly dress the part with our uniform rentals in Sudbury. Uniforms should look good on the wearer, be comfortable, and functional. A chef’s uniform has a very different purpose than a plumber’s! At NorthStar Mat & Uniform Rentals, we carry uniforms for all sorts of functions in trades such as:

• Mining • Plumbing • Contractors • Construction
• Food and dining • Electrical • Welding • Auto garages

Not only do uniforms portray a professional first impression, they promote teamwork and company cohesion. People like being part of something bigger, and uniforms can motivate employees by instilling pride in their work.

We Take Care of Laundry & Customizations

We take care of the laundering don’t have to. We’ll also spare you a trip to the tailors with our alteration services. Uniform rentals in Sudbury with NorthStar Mat & Uniform Rentals include:

  • Professional, in-house alterations, mending, and finishing
  • Professional laundering and scheduled cleaning
  • On-site consultation of your requirements
  • Name tags and company tags
  • Measurement and fitting services at your location
  • Pick-up and delivery both available
  • Inspections for rips, flaws, missing buttons, etc.
  • Inventory and itemization services

Please note, however, that we do not provide dry cleaning.

Love Our Uniforms? Own Them!

NorthStar Mat & Uniform Rentals sells uniforms too! We have both used and new pieces available. For more information and details on availability, please give us a call.

Need replacements? If uniforms are past their prime, we can issue automatic replacements for them! Have questions? Take a look at our FAQ. Get in touch today to rent uniforms or for any questions.

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