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Nothing shouts “qualified” quite like smartly-dressed professionals showing some team spirit.

Your Uniform Rental Questions in Sudbury Answered

The benefits of renting uniforms and mats from NorthStar Mat & Uniform Rentals are many, from creating team spirit and a professional first impression to receiving exceptional customer service. We answer more of your questions about our rentals here.

Does renting really save money? What are the advantages of renting?
Yes! Research shows that renting uniforms typically only cost about a cup of coffee per day. For those who must buy and clean their uniforms, they may spend about $15 per week. Employing a professional laundry service may make that $30 a week.

What are other company benefits to renting uniforms?
Definitely. Employees save money when they don’t have to replace or repair damaged clothing themselves. Employees can also avoid bringing workplace contaminants home when their work clothes mix with their household’s laundry.

How do you ensure workers will get the right size?
We measure every employee to ensure the best fit possible. We understand that people’s sizes can change over time, so we can provide exchanges if necessary. With NorthStar Mat & Uniform Rentals, you don’t have to pay for a size change. Just ask; we want you to feel comfortable at work!

What happens if an employee loses or damages an article of clothing?
If garments are consistently ruined (for example, if you continuously spill paint on pants), we’ll have to charge you. However, we don’t charge for regular wear and tear; we understand that work can get rough and we’ll deal with one-time incidents.

Have uniform rental questions in Sudbury we didn’t answer? Please don’t hesitate to contact us about our policies.

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